On January 24th, I was officially diagnosed with Leukemia. We had our suspicions a few days earlier given the poor blood results. The news, as you can imagine is still settling in. I have decided to keep this journal to allow me to keep some focus on other things besides dwelling on the Whys and Hows. Things have and continue to travel 100 mph.

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Wed May 13, 2009

Newly discovered

I suck as a dad. I've got the mom thing nailed, but it's coming to my attention that I just suck as a dad. I'm not supposed to be in charge of that stuff. I am JUST SO TIRED OF MISSING HIM.

Everyday, I think. "How would Gary have handled this? What would the children be like if he was still here?" Man, they really got a bad deal, too. And they will never realize what they have lost. But I know. I know what they've lost. It's still a lot to carry around some days.

His insights were always specatular. I need a fresh supply of insight.

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