On January 24th, I was officially diagnosed with Leukemia. We had our suspicions a few days earlier given the poor blood results. The news, as you can imagine is still settling in. I have decided to keep this journal to allow me to keep some focus on other things besides dwelling on the Whys and Hows. Things have and continue to travel 100 mph.

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Mon Dec 13, 2004

Bracing for the Holidays

As 2004 draws to an end and Christmas and the anniversary of Gary's death looms on the horizon, I am busy setting up as many saftey nets as I think I will need. I had friends over this weekend to help me put up a Christmas tree and decorate the outside of the house. My goal was the put up enough lights so that the place could be seen from space (the Galloways' house and the Great Wall of China). We did a pretty good job and still managed to stay within the bounds of good taste.
I've asked my aunt to come over to my house early on Christmas morning, so I will have good company when the kids wake up and open their presents. I thought that would be much better than being here with the kids all alone. (Good placement of aforementioned "saftey net"). I plan to keep busy, until I don't need to keep busy anymore. Not sure when that will be. But it's good to have a plan, don't ya think? : )

Housing Upadate: I settled on our new/old house at the end of October and I have hired the services of an architect to help me design the new house. He should be back to me in another week or so with preliminary floor plans and then we will go from there. I hope to be finished the design phase by February/March and then we will break ground in the early spring. So hopefully by this time next year, we will be relocated in our new home and then I'll have to find a new massive project to keep me busy!

The kids are great and really exicted for Christmas . As Libby says, "I hear Santa!" and when asked what kind of presents she wants from Santa, she promptly replies, "Pink." Patrick has loftier ideas and is hoping for a excavator. I'm not sure there's an aisle for that at Toys R' Us (or as my neice and nephew used to say "Toys For Us").

Health and happiness to all our friends this holiday season and thanks to everyone who helped us get through 2004. It would have been infinitely harder without all my saftey nets.

Love to all--


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