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A little ghost writing...

Hey everyone -- In accord with my husband's quest to keep me on the cutting edge of technology (or at least vaguely literate) he has requested that I pen today's entry. Here's the latest. We had to come into GBMC on Sunday night due to Gary's persistent fever and severe back pain. The back pain is now under control. Some folks in the know have hypothesied that the back pain is from the shot of Neulasta that Gary received Saturday last. Apparently the drug lingers until his bone marrow starts to regenerate and then it helps out... and can also cause bone pain in the process.
The temperature is still "kickin" to use a Garyism. At last look it was 102.3 (he's very proud of the .3 part) The fever is no big surprise since Gary's numbers have been knocked down to nothing following last week's Chemo. He's getting broad range antibiotics, fluids, platlets and blood while he's here and we're just waiting for his immune system to recover. We are being told we should be here until Thursday-ish.
Watching O's opening day and the surreal snow storm. Gotta love Baltimore weather.
Leave comments for Gary -- he enjoys reading them!
Talk to you soon...


Posted by: Marcy on Mar 31, 03 | 4:35 pm | Profile


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