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Day +60

Gary was supposed to get a bone marrow biopsy on Friday, but Dr. Jones wanted it done exactly on Day 60 post-transplant. That was today. Despite 15 mg of Oxycodone, Gary rated today's "ass-tap" as OFF THE CHARTS on the pain scale. Not only that, the narcotics make him sick, so he has spent the remainder of the day throwing up. Better days tomorrow.

We should get some preliminary results tonight and more definitive results by Thursday. We are planning a meeting with Dr. Jones after all the bone marrow results are in to get a new state-of-the-union and better define the action plan for Gary's future health. Let's all pray for clear (or clear enough) bone marrow results.

Galloween VIII : The Parenting Years. We took the kids trick or treating in our friends' (Karen and John Zarubaiko) neighborhood. They live in a very friendly townhome community with a high concentration of kids which of couse equals GOOD CANDY. Patrick and Libby had a great time and I have been raiding the loot ever since (For quality control purposes only. A good parent must know what their child is eating...)

We don't have to go to Hopkins tomorrow, so maybe if Gary is feeling better we can get out and do something (like a trip to Costco Warehouse. Man, life can get pretty exciting) Gary's counts are very low due to the high levels of Gleevec he is taking. He got two units of blood today and a platelet infusion may be in the near future. Hopefully the good cells that we hope his body is producing (thanks to his transplanted cells) will soon overtake the suppressing effects of the Gleevec and his counts will bounce back. And ALL of the leukemia will be left in the dust!

Libby is an offical toddler now and is starting to really walk around. We haven't decided what the devasting effects of this new skill will be, but we are quickly becoming afraid of her. She's trouble, I tell you, and should be feared.

Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Nov 04, 03 | 5:20 pm | Profile


For all the humor and forebearance you and Gary have shown us, I cringe to think of pain that is "off the charts" -- By any standard, it must be unimaginable, but by Gary's, ??? We're treating you to a fabulous dinner at Ruth's Chris as soon as this is over. Double fries and extra dessert. As to Libby, fear not, oh young parents of young persons...the teenage years will rewrite your history, and they're yet ahead.

Posted by: Susan Stiles on Nov 05, 03 | 3:59 pm

hope all is well with you gary.

give us an update when you get a chance.

thinking of you guys.

rick mcumber

Posted by: rickm on Nov 15, 03 | 1:39 pm

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