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Feds indict the Galloways as part of the Rush Limbaugh investigation. . .

Well, it is I, the oxycontin addict. Apparently I have been going through detox all this week from my crazy stay in the hospital. I was on some serious stuff during my recent tour of duty. I have been suffering from sweats, vomitting, nervousness and general ain't-feeling-quite-right syndrome. I was/have been on all the same meds as Rush Limbaugh. I am not sure what kind of statement that is making but anyone wanting to send some cabbage my way for R&D, please do.

We are back into the waiting game. My shoulder still hurts. Probably from the nerve damage done by the shingles. I am hoping that lessens as time goes on but in the grand scheme of pain, I can deal. The back pain has left for now...hopefully, the Gleevec is doing its thing so Dad's marrow can do its thing. It is all wait and see. Scientific, huhhh?

If you noticed, the URL for this site has changed. I moved the site from my computer in the basement to a real server, outsourced. I also hooked one of my domains, www.dadswithcancer.org to it (pet project I am working on). This gives me more speed, data backups and general site protection. Hopefully, you will notice nothing except things being faster.

That's about it. I will update in a few. Thanks to all that checked in during my 10 day blackout. I literally lost 10 days I remember little about. How does Rush do it...hmmm Dear Mr. DittoHead...



Posted by: Gary on Oct 23, 03 | 10:20 pm | Profile


I thank God you're home and sorry about the shingles. You are a blessing to others with your strength and faith. I expect you to show the doctors a thing or two.

Posted by: Aunt Sue on Oct 24, 03 | 6:02 am

Hey Gary something interesting I ran accross that you might be interested in. I was at the gym yesterday and decided to try a class - Tai Chi. Anyway I'm in the class (which by the way consisted of the 10 minutes of complete silence in a slightly squatted position) and the instructor starts telling us about this article in the NY times about a study in Tai Chi. Apparently this practice is supposed to boost your immune system 50% and help prevent the reoccurence of shingles. I'm skepitical but have decided to give a try for another week or two. You might want to give it a try at home.

Posted by: Cindy on Oct 24, 03 | 7:39 am

Your new server allows me to view the site again, thank you. Let us know when you are up for a visit from the Z boys. Kevin woke asking for Pat, Ibby, Marc and Gary. You think he doesn't pay any attention he is just storing all that information that we drill into him. You can ship the kids over if you want. We are all glad you are home and resting a little more comfortably. As always our thoughts and prayers are with you each day. You're whole family is pretty amazing.

Posted by: K. Zarubaiko on Oct 24, 03 | 8:24 am

Gary and Marcy, despite the recent downturn of events, I hope this message finds you as well as can be. BE WELL DAMNIT!!!!


Posted by: LHS Farrell on Oct 24, 03 | 9:40 am

A Tai Chi master was chased by a tiger. He jumped over a cliff to escape and found himself hanging from a vine. He looked up and saw the tiger waiting patiently. He looked down and saw a second tiger waiting below. Two mice began gnawing through the vine. Just then he saw a strawberry growing wild on the cliff. He picked it. How sweet it tasted!
Mike's comment- Lately I would settle for just pulling kitty's whiskers on the way down, to heck with the strawberry.... Take care Gary.- Mike T.

Posted by: Mike Tierney on Oct 24, 03 | 1:00 pm

Since I'm over in the Landsdowne area, I'll swing by Bob Ehrlich's house and start our Medical Marijuana protest. If all goes well, I'll be seeing you two in a couple days. If not, call Magic Dave. Either way, Marcy - start baking!

Posted by: colossus on Oct 24, 03 | 6:08 pm

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