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Gary Jr now 100% Gary Sr. Marcy Seen Running from House

Well, it's offical, folks. The genetics are back and Gary's new blood cells are 100% his dad's. This is the best possible news in terms of engraftment and a SIGN that the transplant is doing its thing so far. Hopkins treats this exciting news in true smug, world-class institution fashion -- "well, that's the results we expected." All this excitement must be tempered by the fact that Graft vs. Host disease can pop up at any moment and cause some trouble. Some GVHD is a good thing -- too much, not so good. In summation, progress is being made in the forward direction. As Gary says, "It's a marathon, not a sprint. And I'm not built for speed anyway."

Stay tuned...


Posted by: Marcy on Oct 06, 03 | 8:39 pm | Profile


Woo Hoo and Hallelujah. I'm thrilled for you guys.

Posted by: Nan on Oct 07, 03 | 9:16 am


This is Steve Sears, a friend of Gary's from the last century. I haven't had a chance to read up on what's going on, but wanted to let Gary know that I'll add him to my prayer list and ask some others to do so as well.

I'm sorry to hear about this turn of events, but am hopeful that you'll make it through this difficult time.

Hang in there.

- Steve Sears

Posted by: Steve Sears on Oct 07, 03 | 9:20 am

Wow, that's great news. Keep it up!

Posted by: Michelle G on Oct 07, 03 | 10:16 am

You could have Pap-Pap's DNA.

Posted by: thad on Oct 07, 03 | 11:16 am

Let the "spacklin'" begin, hon!

Posted by: Sperry on Oct 07, 03 | 3:40 pm

I really don't like to spackel,but if you get the urge,I have the tools. Love,Dad

Posted by: Gary Sr. on Oct 08, 03 | 10:05 am

To hear this was like a huge shot of serotonin for me. I can't even begin to imagine how this news makes you feel.
Although I have tended to be quiet, to-myself, and wondering off in my own little world of late, there is never a day that goes by when I'm not thinking about and wishing only the best for you and your beautiful family.
Keep up the momentum and spirits.
- John Lapp :)

Posted by: JohnL on Oct 08, 03 | 6:49 pm

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