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Day +28 and Holding

So I guess you can wonder by the infrequency of these journal updates that either things are going fast and furious or nothing is really happening around here. Luckily I can affirm the latter, things are just poking along with us. Gary is 4 weeks out from transplant today and things are going cautiously well. His white cell count dropped after he stopped getting injections of the growth factor last week, but they seem to be leveling out and should be rising under their own steam soon. The doctors assure us they are not concerned. Gary's platelet count is almost to normal (!) and his red cells are doing OK. He may need to get a blood transfusion early next week, just to keep his energy levels up.
Because Gary's condition is stable, we were able to stay home from Hopkins on Thursday and we will be able to stay home this weekend. Activities approved for tomorrow include Pumpkin Pickin' at a local farm. Hay rides, farm animals, and pumpkins. A perfect Saturday afternoon.
The kids will be farmed out to various grandmothers on Sunday, so Gary is looking forward to a midless NFL afternoon on the couch.

Hopkins drew blood from Gary on Wednesday for genetic testing to determine what percentage of Gary's blood is now Gary Sr's. Dr. Jones (big transplant cheese) stopped by to say he's expecting almost 100% of the blood to be Sr's. That would be great, huh? However, now that Sr's blood is cranking in Gary, this is when Graft vs. Host disease can start to flare up. We scan the horizon daily for symptoms (rash, enlarged liver, need to spackle) but so far, nothing.

Enjoy this beautiful Fall weather!

love to all--


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