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Yes, I am still around: Day +23

I have being slacking on the writing. I have not much been in the mood. The stomach is still recouping. I have been fighting low blood pressure for the last few weeks. They keep pumping me full of fluids since I am not eating and drinking too much. However, Hopkins did give me this weekend off which was nice--although I did not go anywhere. The record low BP reading....68/30 sweeeeet. I felt pretty decent when they took it. The Dr. says this is common in transplants. I will trust her knowledge.

I stopped the growth factor. My white count went from 5700 to 2500 and leveled. Hopefully, they start creeping up on their own. I have, fortunately, been able to stop some of the antibiotics which is cool.

On the home front, Patrick has become a tyrant. "NO" is the word of the week. "MINE" is the word of the week. "I DON'T LIKE MILK, JUICE, ". uhhhg. You get the point. So we did what and loving and patient parents would do...we shipped him off to the grandparents. he-he. We might pick him up on Monday.

When I get the computer hooked back up in the basement, I will get some cool pics of the storm surge from last week. Very impressive.

Time to take some pills....Later.



Posted by: Gary on Sep 28, 03 | 9:10 pm | Profile


You forgot to mention Libby's first word- TUB.

Posted by: Gran on Sep 29, 03 | 7:58 am

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