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Weathering the Storm

We are happy to report that Casa Galloway remained high and dry during the onslaught of Isabel. We lost power, but our neighbors next door allowed us to plug our refrigerators and sump pump into their generator. Basement dry, food cold. Our friend Jim came to the house on Wednesday night before the storm hit to secure items around the house. Gary's parents came on Thursday to watch the kids while we went to Hopkins and then ended up staying the night with us as well. Good thing they did, because Turkey Point Rd was partially flooded and their car would not have been able to get to our house in the morning (They were on kid-sitting duty on Friday as well) Thanks to Jim's Tahoe truck, we were able to get to Hopkins on Friday dispite the flooding. Only one house on the point suffered a lot of flooding, although many sheds took on water and a few boats were sunk. The water maxed out about 8 feet above normal tide. Rockaway Beach (where we live) is right across the water from the Baltimore Yacht Club and appearently many of their members were not able to secure the dingys on their boats properly, resulting in a flotilla of zodiac boats on our side of the beach. If you're missing a dingy, give us a call -- we have plenty down here. (Also one large oil tank. White.) Bowley's Quarters (a nearby point) did not fair nearly as well. They were hit with unbelieveable amounts of flooding, cars and boats were lost and several of the houses will probably be condemmed.

Gary's blood counts are coming back strong. His white cell count is above 1000, with most of that number being Neutrilphils -- infection fighting cells. Dr. Jones told Gary that since his numbers are recovering so quickly, it is probably a good sign that these cells are his father's. (!!) Gary has been battling stomach issues, which were determined to be esophigitis -- or a swelling of his esophogus. So it has been very hard for Gary to eat and take his pills everyday. It seems to be improving on its own, but on Monday his will be getting "scoped" to look for the source of the problem (infection, ulcer, fungus)

Gary's hair is offically back. He even needs to shave now. Gary has the most tenacious hair around and it cannot be held down by anything as wimpy as a little chemo.

It's good to be back online -- and thanks to all who called or emailed wondering if we were washed away.



Posted by: Marcy on Sep 21, 03 | 4:35 pm | Profile


Hi Gary and Marcy,

Just checking up on you all and very excited to hear that the transplant is done and the cells are picking up beautifully. What a ride!

All your pals at GBMC were wondering about you so I'll spread the glad tidings.

Take care of yourselves,

With healthful vibes,


Posted by: cherrill on Sep 26, 03 | 5:19 pm

I am so glad to hear that your counts are doing much better!! We have lots of prayers going for you. And I'm also glad to hear that you fared pretty well in the hurricane.

Take care,

Posted by: eileen on Sep 26, 03 | 7:41 pm

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