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Hurricanes and Transplants: Day +12

The kids and Gary are all taking naps, so I thought it would be a good time to update this journal. Rockaway Beach is preparing for Hurricane Isabel or more likely: solid rain showers, if predictions about Baltimore weather hold true to form. (Usually it's: a blizzard is coming! Run for your lives! Followed by: Nope. It missed us) We've tucked away any loose objects that might take on the role of "projectile" if we get any decent winds down here on the point and we're hoping to rely on the kindness of neighbors and their generators if the power goes out. (good plan, huh?) No power = no sump pump = soggy basement. Our friend Jim is coming to stay with us tonight and tomorrow in case we need some help. We're going to tie Guinness (the dog) to the end of one of the neighbor's piers to act as a directional windsock during the storm.

Gary's counts are still at rock bottom (white blood cells=12 normal is 12,000) He will probably need to get a few units of blood tomorrow and possibly another bag of platelets. So all you blood/platelet donors out there, keep up the work! It's going to good use.
So it's just a long and anxious waiting game at this point. We're waiting for Gary's blood counts to recover in order to evaluate how the transplant is working. Gary doesn't have a lot of energy right now and his stomach is very aggravated from the sheer volume of pills he takes everyday. We've been given permission to skip some of the pills for a while so his stomach has a chance to rest. Snowballs are the mainstay of his diet right now.

That's all for now -- I'm off to the basement to get the computer towers and other electronic equipment off the floor in the event of flooding. You just have to laugh when life gets this unbelieveably ridiculous. Libby was sick for 4 days, followed by Patrick breaking out into a "rash of unknown origin", coupled with the small matter of recovery from leukemia, timed with the Storm-of-The-Century. We feel like Let. Dan in Forrest Gump hanging on to the mast of the shrimp boat during the storm, shaking his fist at God saying "Is this all you got?"

Well bring it on.

Love to all---


Posted by: Marcy on Sep 17, 03 | 3:12 pm | Profile


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