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Transplant: Day +8

Quick posting. Here are the Bone Marrow Transplant pictures we took. Somewhat anticlimatic but it is what it is.

Daily visits to Hopkins continue. I switch to pill form of the anti-rejection drug FK506 so my visits should be much shorter. However, I did receive 1 unit of blood today and will get another on Sunday. Hopefully, I will be home in time for the Raven's kick off. I am feeling OK relatively speaking. As long as the queeziness stays low, I can deal with most of the other stuff.

My counts still suck so I am somewhat in isolation. Libby was sick all week with a high fever. We think it finally broke today. I do not need to catch that stuff! I am taking a crazy number of pills. Basically, every hour from 8 am to 10 pm I am taking something. I will put the list up next...it is quite impressive.

Thanks for all the cards and well wishes. RDA takes the cake with the Card-In-The-Yard delivery early morning:

On a lighter note, here are two pictures I got at the Ravens training camp:

Rookies Tied to Goal Post

Rookies being beat by veteran

Take care, talk at you soon.


Posted by: Gary on Sep 13, 03 | 8:56 pm | Profile


Gary, I hope you can make the game, and hopefully it's worth watching ;-)
Your name will be in my prayer group today at church, God Bless.

Posted by: Dean on Sep 14, 03 | 8:40 am

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