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Transplant: Day +5 . . . feeling good enough

Well, yes, it is me actually typing this evening. My nausea has finally gone below a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 hence me feeling like typing. Man, since the radiation, I have been puking my guts out. I am done all forms of chemo and now on to the new, even sexier, anti rejection drugs--cellcept and FK506. That along with the battery of anti-everything (fungal, viral, kids, etc.).

The next milestone up for me is my white count going back up. They are currently 80. 12,000 is normal. I starting with injections of growth factor (Neupogen). This is Marcy's highlight of the day--getting to jab me with a 10" needle (just kidding...it is teeney, tiny). I might put a quick graph of my counts up to show how my counts have moved over the last few weeks.

I hope to start back up on my transplant 101 document to get everyone in the know eventhough I have already had the transplant.

Surprising, I have received tons of cards from my loyal fans wishing me a happy brithday and general well wishes. Thanks to all that took the time. Marcy and I really appreciate it!

Well, back to cooking some white blood cells . . .


Posted by: Gary on Sep 10, 03 | 6:50 pm | Profile


He-llo, Gary! We here in da south are very happy to "see" your voice!

Posted by: Pam Collins on Sep 10, 03 | 9:31 pm

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