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4 day update

Hello. Long time, no type . Well, I figured since my hair failed me, I would return the favor. Marcy broke out the electric clippers and went to town. We wrote all kinds of things in my hair..."Got Milk?" and "If you can read this then you are way too close" . Nah, but we did do a #1 all over. It looks kind of decent and I am saving loads on shampoo now. I figured half my hair fell out so what I have left does not look like a "cancer patient" and the eyebrows are dug in like Alabama Ticks .

The rest of the week and weekend were fairly tame. I seem to have a good day then bad day. If they remain this predictable then I can plan around them. I started getting bad sores in my mouth on Saturday. This was expected but a few weeks ago. I guess the Chemo is starting to catch up with me. Bastard Chemicals...bring it. Actually, chemicals are my friend. I must learn to be one with my chemo chemical friends (CCF for short).

Marcy and I ditched the kids on Saturday and saw Old School. This was one of the funniest movies I have seen. I gave myself a headache laughing. I wore my mask in the theater as precaution. I think my counts are heading back up, but I am paranoid. We had a lunch before hand at Palo's (sp?) in Towson then chewed up time at Borders. Got a good book on Leukemia. Here is link at Amazon if you are interested.

As with any information I have been reading, they quote prognosis given my type of leukemia--always pointing out that the Phila Chromosome is muy bad. I won't give the number since 1. I call bullshit on all %s I see and 2. I consider myself an exception to everything....I got this disease.

Sunday I was pretty tired and my mouth was en fuego. I stole Libby's baby oral gel and that is working wonders.

Today, Monday, was my GBMC apointment. The procedure has been affectionally dubbed the ass tap; even though it is more on my lower back at the top of the pelvis. As I mentioned before, this is an uncomfortable procedure. I am redefining my description....it was BRUTAL today. Explicatives could be heard down the hallway (apologies to those offended ). I was caught way off guard by this. The only rationale I could come up with, given some information from Dr. Cohen, is that my marrow is "normal" now so the pain channel is firing on all pistons. Dr. Cohen said, after the painful aspiration., that the fluid came out real easy as opposed to the 1st time where the leukemic-dominate fluid is very stickey because of the immature cells. Little consolation for the pain. He fired in some more numbing stuff and the core sample piece was a non event. I will remind him repeatedly next time for a double dose of the good stuff.

Tonight I am working on my new computer and my Son's hand-me-down. Strangely, this is the first night that I felt like messing with the equipment. I guess I am far enough away from the intravenous chemo that my head is getting clear. I do get the spinal on Tuesday; Joy-Joy. That will be a good control to see if that is screwing with my thinking. One would think so since it is shot into my spine . I am not so sure.

I think I will be switching the site around shortly. Going to a BLOG format (Web Log). It will allow a more interactive approach to the journal meaning:

1. Email notification of new content
2. Discuss my postings, if you like, with other readers.
3. Easier posting for me since it is all web based
4. Cool PERL and mySQL technology so I can say I know this stuff .
5. Posting of pics within the journal entries (could do it know but too lazy. Aren't you dieing to see my hair?)
6. Cool archiving so only the last 7 entries are shown.

So, that's what is happening. Stay tuned for updates.

FYI, some folks have been asking for an email address for me. Use: garyg@comcast.net It is my least spammed account for the moment until this page gets crawled.

See ya.


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