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The Dig out

February 15, 2003 - Saturday through February 19 - Wednesday

Sorry for the delay in updating things. Now that I am home, I have been enjoying the family. Not much going on. I am getting the AM drill w/ Patrick. He is up at 7 am. I tend to have most of my energy in the morning. The snow was awesome at our house. The neighbors were great in digging us out. I had to go to GBMC Tuesday morning at 7 for chemo and the lumbar puncture. We made it. The doctors were late . That was pretty uneventful. We got a good lunch and went up to Parkton to see the property. Miller Road was a single lane but more than passable. We saw out neighbors who had parked their truck at the end of the lane. They were digging that out. They have about a 1/4 mile drive back to their house in the woods.
My hair started falling out today (Wednesday). I was in the shower and my head felt like "hat head" I scrubbed a little and poof. Clumps galore. Pretty wild. I thought my hair would hold out. Oh well.

I go in on Monday for a Bone Marrow biopsy. That one sucks. I get 1 more spinal on Tuesday and then I have a break for 2 to 3 weeks. During that time I think I hit Hopkins to give blood and get typed.

There was a poignant article in this weeks Baltimore Sunday paper: Arts and Society. It was about a man who went through a Bone Marrow transplant at Hopkins. He had a tumor on his lung that was treated successfully. However, he had a relapse of cancer-ALL- which is what I have and necessitated the BMT. Here is the link to the Sun article. You need to register (free).

We have a date for Libby's baptism...March 9. It will be a small affair and will roll in Patricks 2nd BDay as well. Patrick is muy cool and I am enjoying getting to know the kids again.

I am not sure if I will update the journal daily or every few. We shall see...


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