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Ground assault on my hair continues

Woke up this morning not feeling too well. Mouth is starting to hurt and my hair is falling out again. I guess that is about right when I look back to the first hit of chemo. I have been on antibiotics and antiviral so I hope the mondo mouth sores do not come. I am due to go back to GBMC on Friday for a Procrit shot.

I will add some entries for the last week a little late today but thought the moment was right for my hair update. I figure if any hairy creature can withstand the chemo onslaught, I can. Bring it .


Posted by: Gary on Mar 30, 03 | 7:25 am | Profile


Gary - just got back from a little vacation to Panama City. Going from 85 to 32 degrees within hours means be suntan should be done flakin off by tomorrow am. Anyway, great site! I expected nothing less. I've been on every day to see how your doing so the email notification will keep me instantly up-to-date. One night during sofball season when you feel well come out and watch; grub at Padonia afterwards!

Take care!!!

Posted by: Jason Cole on Mar 30, 03 | 3:12 pm

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