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The good and the bad

Well. It was a good and bad day. Chemo started back up. Got some slight nausea in the evening but a pill took care of that. My lab results are rocking. My Nuetro counts doubled (.6) and I am technically, not in a compromised state. Normal value is a little over 4.0. Dr. Cohen was very pleased and my platelet counts are in the normal range. Red Blood still lagging but as Dr. Cohen said, I can always give you blood. So, he reaffirmed me going home on Thursday. I argued for Wed but he said because of the lumbar puncture I will be getting, he will hold me. I will lobby some more after the procedure . STIR CRAZY. I finally had the brain power to play xbox the last 2 days but chemo head has already started back in. I blame the Vincristine which has also numbed by finger tips.
I asked Dr. Cohen what things we take away from the Induction phase of chemo and how I have faired. He said the platelet count is indicative of Remission. Hold on so I can clarify Remission. The definition--we can not detect cancerous cells through cellular assays, counts or tests. Odds are, they are there. Optimistically, they could be gone (less then 50% shot). Be reminded...Remission is the expected result with my course of treatment. Many things could have gone wrong (infection, resistance to Chemo agents, allergic reactions) and did not. Plus, symptom-wise, I did pretty damn well. Hopefully, indicative of how I will fair in the maintenance, consolidation and transplant phases.

I consider this spring training. I did not pull any muscles. I was seeing the ball well and making good contact. I am in good shape for the beginning of the season. A season is just that. Lots of games and opportunities for things to go right and wrong. I will be prepared as much as humanly possible and work the hope and faith free agencies as needed .

Macy and Patrick came by. Patrick was a big surprise. He did not want to stay with his friend Kevin so there he was. It is amazing how different he looks to me. I really have not spent time with him for a month now. His vocabulary is quickly switching to two words which is awesome. "Fire" "Truck"..."Cottage" "Cheese" and my favorite.... "DaDa" "Phone"

Given my step fiasco yesterday I did the whole 4 flights up and down. I had to stop through out because my RBCs are slacking still but the legs felt a little more stable. I will try to sneak some in before the lumbar puncture. Ohh, I officially demanded a sedative called Versed. All the burses say it will knock me out for a few minutes and I will remember nothing and feel fine. Sign-Me-Up. Hopefully, Dr. Wang is on more...of course with "more numbing medicine!".

Well, its midnight and I think I might be tired.


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