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To eat or to eat, there is no question

Marcy is was in all day. Dr. Cohen did a fly by. He has a cold. I wouldn't let him in . If things continue as they are, I will go home on Thur. I get chemo Tue and Wed. I also get the spinal chemo on Wed--which if you have been reading along...SUCKS. I am going to demand some sedation dentistry stuff!
My white blood count doubled which is good. Got a ways to go. Platelets are almost normal range--straight rzaor shave here I come .

Went for a long walk w/ Marcy. Went down a flight a steps and almost wiped. My legs are so weak or I forgot how to walk steps. Up was tough but I will make a point to hit them over the next few days. My fear is I get home but and wiped out. I want to be able to play with the kids and resume beating the dog .

Dr. Cohen reviewed the high level project plan for the next few months. I will update the plan on Tuesday.

The restaurants of the area beware...I will be going back on the steroids Tuesday! However, I have lost 5 pounds since starting chemo. How that is possible is beyond me. I have eaten like a champ since I have been here. Speaking of eating....here comes my Bateman's wings .

See you Tue.


Posted by: Gary on Feb 10, 03 | 7:00 am | Profile


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