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The Indigent Parade

Activity today. 2 units of blood. All my counts are up except my Hematocrit. I was feeling pretty winded in the AM. The night nurse retyped me which was cool because I was able to get blood pretty early. Getting blood is a SLOW process. 3+ hours per unit. So I was hooked up all day. Around 4 I snapped and needed to go for a walk. The IV pump is battery powered so I can just wheel it around. What was strange was a bunch of other people on my side of the floor decided to go for a walk as well. It was surreal....the indigent parade. IV poles, blood bags, old butts hanging out . We all proceeded down the hallway with me as the Grand Marshall.
Watched a Clint Eastwood movie during the night--Blood Work. It continues my run of movies dealing with Blood. Blade I watched on TNT last week .

My nurse hooked me with some microwave popcorn and hung out and watched some of the movie. Quiet night on the floor or she didn't like her other patients . Chemo starts back up on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Maybe I am home on Wednesday !!!


Posted by: Gary on Feb 09, 03 | 7:08 am | Profile


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