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TV sucks if you did not know

It was a dark and stormy night... just kidding but I always remember that from Snoopy trying to start the great novel. Not much material for the journal entries these days. I am feeling pretty well. Throat and mouth are getting tender but more than acceptable. I found out today that I need to get 9 more lumbar chemo treatments. That blows I may need to investigate some pre medicine to loop me up. The procedure is uncomfortable once....9 times...forget about it .

Blade I, the Patriot and NBA All star stuff was on last night so I was fairly occupied. Marcy stayed home for the day to play with the kids.

Chinese food on tap for lunch on Saturday. My new friend is the Food network (ahhhh). I am sick of everything on TV (ESPN excluded of course but you can only watch sports center so many times for the same highlights).

Johns Hopkins called in the afternoon. They want to get my sister in next week to start the typing. Depending on my counts, I will head in as well and get my blood drawn. They said it is a 10 day process to determine how well of a match my sister is. 25% chance for a perfect match. If she does not work out then anonymous donor. The donor in this process gets the raw deal because of the procedure to harvest.

See you Sat.


Posted by: Gary on Feb 07, 03 | 7:08 am | Profile


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