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Chemo Brain Sets In

Hurry up and wait . Got chemo this morning. Pretty much a non event. My blood levels are continuing to drop. However, my Liver enzymes are creeping up so they are eye balling that. No pain though. Dr. Cohen says maybe on Thur. they will start the stimulants for my own stem cells to get those fired up. So that should be the up swing here.
I am getting platelets in the morning and then at 2:00 I get the spinal chemo. Fun Fun.

Lots of visitors today but I am not much conversation. I got "chemo brain". I can't focus on much and am writing things down in my book with the wrong times and such. Oh well. Hopefully, spell check will keep the journal under control .

See you on Wed.


Posted by: Gary on Feb 04, 03 | 7:00 am | Profile


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