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Nothing happened today. Dr. Cohen came in late. He spoke to Hopkins transplant head. He is on track with my current course of treatment. Given what he knows of the situation, my preference of donors is: my sister, anonymous, myself, cord blood. They have only done 6 transplants with the recipients own marrow given the ALL that I have. The drugs are too new that they are experimenting w/ that would clean my stems (rid them of any bad leukemic cells). So, in a week or so, we will start the recon on my sister and hopefully she pulls one out for me .
I got two units of blood last night but was still pretty tired this afternoon. It looks like I will not get the intrathecal until Wed. I will get a hit of platelets on Tuesday in prep for the procedure.

Overall, still feeling decent-zero focus. Appetite is still good. All things considered . . . Talk to you on Tuesday.


Posted by: Gary on Feb 03, 03 | 7:00 am | Profile


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