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Wait, wait, wait

Boredom is setting in. Things continue to be quiet. Strangely, it seems unnerving. My daily labs are showing things creeping down but for some reason, I equate feeling crappy with an all out, successful onslaught taking place on the leukemia cells. My oncologist assures me things are cooking and thanks to the miracle of steroids, I am feeling decent .
So, the wait continues. Marcy came by today and we did bills. Fun . Tidying up some loose ends on taxes. My Mom came by in the AM. Jim and Dave in the evening.

Watch the Duke ladies choke to UCONN this evening.

I kept the Shuttle tragedy off the news. The media is looking in to more than it is (could it be terrorism...ridiculous).

Having strange food cravings. When I get them, I take one bite and not like it. Strange.

Not much else to report. See you Sunday.


Posted by: Gary on Feb 01, 03 | 7:00 pm | Profile


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