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And in a Related Story...

In what can only be termed as another "odd and freaky" turn of events, the beloved (and dare I say historic) National Bohemian brewery building in Highlandtown (pronounced "Hollin-town" to us locals) suffered a two alarm fire on Thursday. NattyBohFire Yet another SIGN? We have no idea what the connection is between Gary's leukemia and the mericless rash of distillery/brewery fires, but we do know that the rule of three must soon prove true. Beware if driving near Sam Adams' in Boston or if, God forbid, you happen to be traveling anywhere close to Milwaukee in the near future -- the whole place could go...
Gary and I are off the The Ocean tomorrow morning. We're feeling GREAT, especially since the kids will be left at my mother's. (We really DO love our kids, but man, they are exhausting.)
Anyone need some Fisher's popcorn?

Love to all---


Posted by: Marcy on Aug 08, 03 | 8:42 pm | Profile


Gary and Marcy,

I'm so happy to hear you are on track and scheduled for the transplant! Ken and I just got back from Sturgis (Harley Rally) and then we went to WY and Montana. The sights out there are beautiful, you need to plan a vacation. We went to Crazy Horse, Custer State Park, Beartooth Mountain, Big Horn Canyon. We met an older couple that took us for a boat ride on Featherstone resvoir. It's in a canyon, its 53 miles long, the water is about 90 ft wide and the walls of the canyon (solid rock) are about 200 ft high on both sides and the water is 90 ft deep. It was absolutley beautiful! We saw several of the fires in Yellowstone that were started by lightning.
I will continue to pray and think about you.
If there is anything you need, including a babsitter just let me know.

Love to both of you

Posted by: Helen on Aug 18, 03 | 3:49 pm

Da Natty Boh broo-ry caught on far? Good thing the Royal (1542 Light St.) sells Natty Boh for $2 a can. Rumor is they'll go for less during Gary's Kickin' the Crap out of Cancer party (date TBA).

Posted by: Nan on Aug 18, 03 | 4:39 pm

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