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Hot Damn and Halleluia

Gary is back in REMISSION! Woo-Hoo! Dr. Cohen called us tonight to give us the good news. They can only detect 1% blasts in his marrow. As we say: "good enough". So the Hopkins schedule is definately on and we will begin the transplant work ups on Monday, August 18th.

Gary and I spent the day with Patrick at Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA and we all had a blast. My favorite ride was the huge slide that you go down riding on a burlap bag. Patrick sat on my lap and squealed the whole way down. Gary was generous enough to let me climb the 6 storeys of stairs to get to the top. He took pictures as we came down. Libby spent the day with friends of ours (at "the farm" for those in the know) and occupied her time eating, puttering around and getting lodged under short tables. She had a fun day, too.

REMISSION. What a beautiful word. See? -- all the prayers are working! Thanks.

Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Aug 07, 03 | 7:48 pm | Profile


Good news Gary. Your site works great too. If everything RDA progammers did worked this well I'd be out of a job. In a bit of hubris last year I rented a 'long' RV to take my 80 year old mother & asstd family up to the ancestral home in Massachusetts for Memorial Day. Ever hear the country song "Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around" ? Its a long scary story. At least I didn't hit anything expensive. Anyway I am trying to slip away from Eclipsys for a long weekend, (it was approved <g>) wish me luck.

Posted by: Mike Tierney on Aug 07, 03 | 11:53 pm

Good news indeed!

Are you guys sure about that trip to OC vs. Louisville, KY? I bet the crayfish in that creek would be some good eatin' <g>

Posted by: Amato on Aug 08, 03 | 7:11 am

Great news! What a way to celebrate, a day at Dutch Wonderland. Hope everything goes smooth with the trans workup.

Posted by: Joe Carangal on Aug 08, 03 | 7:23 am

WOOOOHOOOO! Out-friggin-standing!! We've all been thinking about you guys!

Posted by: James Owens on Aug 08, 03 | 7:32 am

Prior to today, the most beautiful phrase in the English language was "summer afternoon."

Posted by: Susan Stiles on Aug 08, 03 | 4:23 pm

Great news! We are all thinking and praying for you guys. Keep up the fight, you're winning!

Posted by: Don Awalt on Aug 12, 03 | 5:40 am

Dude this is awesome news. Way to fight this one! You da man!

Posted by: Tony Pekala on Aug 13, 03 | 4:39 pm

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