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The South Burns Again

In what can only be termed as an "odd and freaky" turn of events, the Jim Beam distillery has burned to the ground in Louisville Kentucky. JimBeamFire More accurately one of their warehouses containing 800,000 gallons of bourbon burned on Tuesday. As this can only be interpreted as A SIGN, we will not be renting an RV and driving to the Jim Beam distillery. Rather we are now planning a low-key couple of days at the beach. Ocean City. Not as much bourbon there.

Gary is feeling GREAT. His counts are back up and we are awaiting the results of the bone marrow biopsy he had on Monday. That will tell us whether he is back in remission.
Looking forward, we do have a schedule for the transplant. Gary goes to Hopkins beginning August 18th for a few days of testing (EKG, chest x-rays, etc.) on an out-patient basis. We then get a week off and then his pre-transplant-chemo begins on August 25th. About 5 days of chemo culminating with one hit of Total Body Irradiation. This is all out-patient as well. His transplant is scheduled for Friday, September 5th. Mark your calendars. It's the start of something big. September 5th is also the birthday of Gary's Great-Grandfather Orb, who passed away a few years ago. A wonderful and influential man in Gary's life. Perhaps a better SIGN than burning bourbon.

Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Aug 06, 03 | 9:40 pm | Profile


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