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Counts down and out

Gary and I went to GBMC Infusion Center today for his hit of Day 11 Vincristine. They drew blood while we were there and his white cell count is down to 100 (virtually none) and his platelets have dropped. All as expected. His hematocrit is at 25 which is right on the line for a blood transfusion. Hedging our bets, the nurse made him an appointment for Friday morning to get two units of blood. Since in all likelihood his red blood counts will continue to drop, we thought it would be wise to get the transfusion before the weekend, when he would have to be admitted in order to get the blood (The infusion center is closed on the weekends).
Shout out to Jean Bosley (a friend of mine from PHH days) who became our third reported platelet donor. In her words "it wasn't bad at all". I'm going to attempt for the third time to donate platelets either tomorrow or Saturday. Inevitably I make an appoointment and then promptly catch a cold. Three's a charm.
Gary and Libby are upstairs snoozing (in their respective beds) and Patrick and I are enjoying dinner while watching Rolie Polie Olie.

Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Jul 31, 03 | 5:38 pm | Profile


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