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Bourbon Tour of Kentucky

Gary is fighting the after effects of chemo -- mouth sores. Actually in his case it's tongue sores. He's being a real trooper, but I know his mouth hurts. He couldn't sleep last night, so he was up between 2 and 4 working on the computer and sending out emails.
We have activities planned for today, however. Our friend Jim is on his way up from Northern Virginia to hang out with us for the day. We're going to take him up to see the property we purchased last July in Parkton. And then we'll get lunch at the Wagon Wheel in Hereford (Or as the locals call it "the Wheel". We don't know they call it this for sure, but that's what we'll call it when we're locals.)
Gary is attempting to put together an RV excursion if we have a few days of free time before his transplant. Dubbed "the Bourbon Tour of Kentucky" we will be piling in a rented RV with some friends who have nothing better to do, and driving to Louisville, Kentucky to visit the Jim Bean Distillery. This is as good a destination as any, since the journey is more important than the destination. I'm hoping we can stop by the Louisville Slugger museum (and factory tour?) while we're there. Any one want to join us? Any one actually driven and RV before? Any one drink bourbon?


Posted by: Marcy on Jul 30, 03 | 10:58 am | Profile


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