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Back at Rockaway

Well, Gary came home this afternoon after 6 days of chemo at GBMC. He did fairly well, only a few bouts of nausea and general yuckiness. We just got back from a romantic dinner at Chili's (high cuisine)... Patrick is at Gary's Mom's for the night and Libby is at my Mom's for the night. So it's just us and the pet menagerie.
Gary has to go back to the GBMC infusion center on Monday to have blood work drawn and then back again on Thursday for a hit of chemo and blood work. His counts should start dropping in the next few days and bottom out by mid-week. He will have a bone marrow biospsy next Monday and that should tell us whether he is in remission. I already know that he is, so the test is just confimatory : )
If all is well, the Hopkins drill begins on August 18th for a few days of work ups -- Bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puntcure (spinal tap), chest x-ray, EKG. Then the pre-transplant chemo should begin on the 25th-ish with the actual transplant over Labor Day weekend. We don't know exactly which day yet. Gary and I will attend a "transplant class" at Hopkins during his work-up week so we will better understand the whole process. We are told that all the procedures (including the transplant) will be out patient. Hummmm. We're skeptical. But when are we not?
We will keep everyone posted with details as we get them.

Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Jul 26, 03 | 8:13 pm | Profile


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