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Chemo Revisted

We got back to lovely Baltimore on Saunday night after a fantastic trip to the Bahamas. The Atlantis resort was everything people told us it would be -- lots to do, beautiful grounds, VERY relaxing and mindless. Just what we needed. Here's the cab story: We arrive at the Bahamas airport unscathed after our non-stop flight from Philly. We are directed to a waiting cab (read: beat up Dodge Caravan) driven by a seemingly nice young man. Gary asks the guy how long the trip is to Atlantis and the guy says "30 minutes, but I can get you there in 20." This should have been our first clue. We immediately begin tailgating the truck in front of us at a high rate of speed. Now Gary and I have been to many islands and have expericed this type of reckless island driving, so we aren't initially phased. We exchange knowing glances and try to relax in the back seat. However we grew more and more tense as this guy's driving grew more and more unpredictable and dangerous. At the point where we actually ran off the road I thought of just making a break for it and jumping out of the vehicle. All the while this is going on, the cabbie is coming on to women at traffic lights and beeping to freinds along the way. Sometimes we would slow down in the middle of the road, drift slowly to the right (into oncoming traffic) and then suddenly veer back into our lane and pick up speed again. When we arrived at Altantis (I have a death-grip on Gary's leg by now) the bell captain made the mistake of asking us how our trip was. After kissing the ground, we told the bell hop about our near-death experience and he called a cop over to talk to the cab driver. Gary and I were diagnosing an overindulgence of drugs and alcohol. At least. When we saw the bell hop later we asked what they did to the guy and he said he was "written up". ???? Gotta love the islands! (his name was Adolphus Ellis. Beware)
ANYWAY-- Gary is in GBMC and started chemo last night. He'll be in until Satuday and then we come home and wait for his counts to come back up.
Thanks to Susan Stiles and Joe Donovan for being our first REPORTED platelet donors! To read her fantastic missive, check the comments from a couple of days ago.
Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Jul 22, 03 | 8:29 am | Profile


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