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Update from Atlantis

This place is beautiful! Lots to do and see and even though they say they are fully booked -- it's not too crowded. We have, however had to spend Libby's college fund on food and gambling expenses. But I think Libby will be able to successfully wait tables for her college education!
We leave tomorrow morning to catch a 1:35 flight back to Philly. I will fill everyone in on the cab ride from the airport to Atlantis when we get back. This was more of a mortal threat to Gary's life than the leukemia. I stupidly paid the maniac then had him promptly arrested. But I digress...

Gary is checking into chez GBMC on Monday morning to finish off this pre-transplant chemo thing. We'll make postings as we go.
Type at ya later!
M and G


Posted by: Marcy on Jul 19, 03 | 10:05 am | Profile


You gotta tell us that cab story, inquiring minds want to know!

Posted by: Cindy on Jul 22, 03 | 7:51 am

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