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Ding-Ding, Round II

Hey all! Back from New York and back in the hospital. This will be quick since I am working on some things before I get my chemo at 5:00 pm (then every 12 hours for 4 days) before I get the dreaded chemo head. New York was awesome. I will put some pics up soon.

No news from Hopkins regarding my match likelihood. I am going to call and raise some heck! Dr. Cohen stopped by and was his usual self. All looks good. I did talk him out of a lumbar puncture (now only 1 this week). My finger numbness and shaky hand was the reason. Some neuropathy is taking place. A mailing list I am on for ALL patients mentioned success with B-Complex to help recover the feeling. That is encouraging.

I will update more tonight after I catch up on stuff and Marcy leaves. We are all well. I feel great (that will change soon ). Should be a good week for journal updating for those that are hooked on my real life reality show.

Until I type again . . .


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