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SNL: Weekend Update . . .

Nothing too crazy to report. I, more than likely, will be checking back in to the GBMC Marriot on Monday. I need to get my CBC/Platelets checked on Sunday. Dr. Cohen does not want me in until my platelets are at/above 100,000. They are at 80,000 now. My RBCs have dropped to 24 so I will more than likely need a hit of blood on Monday regardless. Whites/Polys are down as well...all compliments of the high does Gleevec I am taking. Dr. Cohen seems pretty cool with the state of the union. Had a good checkup on Thursday. I am feeling pretty decent-winded but no real complaints. I think my alergies are acting up...sinus like headaches the last few mornings.

I will get the same chemo drill that I did last time. Joy Joy. Not much hair left. We shall see if the eye brows/lashes hold on. Now where did I put that eye liner???

So, I plan on taking in the laptop to the hospital to catch up on some Netflix (DVD movies) and attempt to study for a work cert (IT Flight Plan)...need to see if the brain is working.

Talk at you soon,



Posted by: Gary on Jul 11, 03 | 9:20 pm | Profile


Hang in there dude. Sounds like you are still in great spirits. Looking forward to seeing you at the SOU.

- Tony

Posted by: Tony Pekala on Jul 13, 03 | 8:49 pm

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