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Hanging tight, feeling decent

Just got back from fireworks--pretty good.

I had a real bad chest cold last week until wednesday. Touch and go with the fever but did not need to check in to the GBMC hilton. My counts started going up finally on Tuesday and I got to stop the daily blood draws on Wednesday.

I started taking Gleevec which targets an enzyme that is produced because of the Philadelphia Chrmosome I have. Gleevec is used mainly in CML but I guess it does not hurt in ALL Ph+.

The bone marrow biopsy came back on Tuesday. It shows an 80% reduction in the leukemia cells but I am technically not in remission. The Dr. that is covering for Dr. Cohen (he is on vacation) thinks the Gleevec may help reduce the leukemia blast counts and a follow up biopsy will be done in a week or two. I am suspect on this given what I have read regarding Gleevec. I think, more than likely, I will need another round of chemo (joy-joy) before Hopkins will touch me. We are going to discuss this with Dr. Cohen and Dr. Jones early next week. My preference is to get the show on the road!

So, next week should shake out a bunch of stuff. Maybe, if time/health permits, some quick vacationing. Places to hit/things to do: waterpark with the kids, NY without the kids, renting a RV and driving somewhere with kids.

We are selling parking spaces on Saturday to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. As many of you know, we usually have a massive 4th party with fireworks on the bay. Not this year but we happen to have the only double lot on the point so parking can be sold at a premium! My cousin will be my muscle collecting 5$. We will be handing out brochures on platelet donation. I needed platelets twice my last stay and it was very difficult to find a single donor source. I would have had to received mixed donors which generally is not good for pre transplant patients.

Marcy and I stopped by the Whitemarsh Red Cross and saw the really cool machines that collect the platelets. Amazing stuff! Again, for all those that want to help DONATE PLATELETS!

I updated the journal software so the emailing should be working better. I think some addresses were not getting email updates.

Sorry for the delay in the posting. Have a happy fourth!



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