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Got juiced up with some platelets today and the ass-tap which was pain free since I got 2 mgs of Pain Killer-nysh.

Still compromised. Need to go in daily for blood. Watching for a couple of things. When my polys hit a certain level, I start on the Gleevec which works on the Ph+ chromosome. Maybe it will take out a few more cells. Also, when my whites hit hit a certain level, I can stop with the Neupogen shots.

Still watching for fever, etc. so I will be holed up a few days.

Good to be home.



Posted by: Gary on Jun 27, 03 | 7:50 pm | Profile


Hey pal,

You have certainly had your share of pain and shots. Ben is worried about his 5 yr. old check-up because he gets another dose of MMR immunizations. I'll have you give him a little chat on the real deal! I'm glad you are home again. I'm sure the kids are all over you! I'm with Marcy..I know she feels more comfortable when you're under the hospital's close watch. No more fevers ok? Let us know when we can help send you off for your next scheduled pre-op bash! Doug and I pray and think of you and your family daily. We love you, Catriona

Posted by: catriona on Jun 30, 03 | 8:05 pm

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