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Home Sweet Home: Short Lived

Gary's back in the hospital. He was battling an on and off fever on Saturday night and we were in contact with the on-call doc all night in addition to waking up every two hours to take his temperature. So when we went to GBMC on Sunday for Gary's daily blood letting, we decided to just check him in. His counts have bottomed out (as expected) and he will be getting more platelets today until his can recover. They also could give him more antibiotics to help fight the fever and monitor him more closely then we can at home. It makes me nervous when Gary is sick at home -- I love having him here, but I sleep better when he's in the hospital... Gary also gets another hit of chemo today (Vincristine from the vinca plant).
The plan, as it stands now, is for Gary to get another bone marrow biopsy on Friday to determine if he is in remission. Hopkins has stipulated that Gary needs to be in remission before they will begin the transplant. We asked Dr. Cohen if he thinks he can get Gary back into remission and he says, "I'm an optimist. So yes."
It's VERY critical to have an oncologist that's an optimist. We love this guy!
If anyone wants to call Gary, he's in room 3447 and his number is (443) 849-8562. If you're planning a visit, I always recommend calling first to get a state of the union.
Hopefully Gary will be home in a few days when his counts rise and he is away from this critical time -- then biopsy, remission, transplant, then happily ever after.
Love to all--


Posted by: Marcy on Jun 23, 03 | 10:19 am | Profile


Gary & Family,
Gary, I don't believe we never met, I work at RDA, and I heard about your situation. I just want to let you know that someone was thinking about you and your family today.

Me and my family will be praying for you!

Posted by: BillRDA on Jun 24, 03 | 4:18 pm

Gary & Marcy,
Hang in there and fight hard, we're all pulling for you. We need you back on 1st base next Softball season. Eldridge has been wondering when we can come visit you guys and make a trip to Shea's for one of those 6 egg omlettes. Guess he's hooked now too. We think about and pray for you daily.

Posted by: Cindy on Jun 25, 03 | 7:49 am

You are fulling testing the limits of your ample mojo, aren't you? Yesterday my mom celebrated birthday number 63, as well as year 6 post-cancer. It was a long walk for her, but she's half your size and twice your age, so I'm confident you are poised to break a foot off in this thing's ass. Of course, she made us eat a Cactus Willie's, so I also feel your pain in the nausea/indigestion department. Keep wailing on this thing. We think of you guys often. The weather is nice and we need "60 seconds of Hell" back on the court.

Posted by: colossus on Jun 25, 03 | 11:17 am

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