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Home Sweet Home

Quick posting. I am home. Blood counts are low but feel pretty decent. My wife has not killed me yet with the injections. I make sure I am very nice to her before administration!

Little bit of a waiting game now. What we are hoping for is my counts rebound early next week and the Ass Tap (Bone marrow Biopsy) is clear next Friday. If that happens then we start the Hopkins wheel again.

Not much else going on. Hurrying up to wait.

Thanks to everyone's kind words/comments to the site. I do read them and they DO help. A shot in the arm is always welcomed. This is getting old but as my wife says, "I am a tenacious bastard!". Talk at you soon.



Posted by: Gary on Jun 19, 03 | 3:36 pm | Profile


Hey Gary I am thinking you are just a stubborn Hombre! Keep fightin the good fight.

I imagine you could work on almost any project under any circumstances after you lick this <gg> This will make that next VB 3.0 project easier to take <gg>

Take care

Posted by: Don Awalt on Jun 20, 03 | 12:06 pm

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