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Galloween Membership Hits All-Time High

As an administrator to this site (my powers are God-like but benevolent) I can always keep an eye on who has registered on daily basis. And let me just tell you that membership has gone from 52 last week to 116 (!) this week. Thank you Patty Weaver at RDA for the all-point bulletin to RDAer's near and far. Thanks as well to all you lurkers out there who finally registered. I really got a kick out of the fact that my former Pastor finally came clean and registered! Let that be an inspiration to those of you out there who are faithful readers, but never bothered to register. Please take the time to do so -- it is a great thrill to Gary and me to see who is out there! We are blown away at the numbers of you out there sending your good wishes and prayers our way. As I say when someone tells me they're praying for Gary: "It's working so far!" Keep up the good work. And remember: Membership has its privileges! (they are undisclosed at this point, but I'm sure they'll be great...)
Oh, right. How is Gary doing?
Gary will be able to come home tomorrow to recover from the chemo. We will need to go into the hospital everday for a while to get his blood drawn -- to check to see if he needs platelets, blood, and to keep a general eye on things. His platelet count is bottoming out so they are giving him a platelet infusion tomorrow morning before we split. I will also need to give him a shot of Neupogen everyday to help stimulate growth of white blood cells. Should I set up a poll as to where I should give him the shots?
We don't have the definative plan from Hopkins yet, but we're assuming they will wait for Gary to recover (i.e. his blood counts come back near normal) and then we will start the transplant process again. This will involve a physical work-up, pre-transplant chemo for 5 days, one hit of total body irradiation and then the transplant on day 7. Gary's father will come in sometime before then to donate the bone marrow. Piece of cake.
Thanks again to all of you out there -- your support is a priceless gift.


Posted by: Marcy on Jun 17, 03 | 8:04 pm | Profile


This is an exciting and scary plan. God be with you. --jk

Posted by: John Keimig on Jun 18, 03 | 2:57 pm

Gary, I just found out, my prayers are with you as I have personally had a miracle happen to me in the health area. I will pass this on to our prayer group.


Posted by: Dean on Jun 19, 03 | 8:04 am

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