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Thursday Night Update

Gary hasn't had such a good day today. The bone marrow biopsy came back (as expected) to confirm that the leukemia has reared its ugly head again. Gary's been battling nausea all day today and the nurses are trying to get his stomach settled so they can begin the chemo regimine. We need a break -- so if any one there has an extra one, please send it along.

I've pawned the kids off to my mother for the night and she's taking off tomorrow to keep them for us.

Nothing much else to report -- I think we've had enough for today. We're anxious to get the chemo started so the insuing cell death will alleviate Gary's bone pain and also to knock the leukemia back into remission. Think happy, non-nauseous thoughts so we can get the ball rolling.
I'll type more when I can (I successfully tapped into an internet connection from a nurses' station. Some of Gary's mojo has rubbed off over the years.)



Posted by: Marcy on Jun 12, 03 | 7:04 pm | Profile


I am thinking good thoughts. Praying good prayers, and talkking the good talk as sales guys do. Your and your family are in my thoughts. Hang in there and beat this thing.

Posted by: Flynn on Jun 13, 03 | 4:13 pm

Gary - you and your family are very much in our thoughts at the Owens household. Was down in JAX with ALLTEL last week and everyone (Leslie, Jackie, Rita, Rod....) were asking about you and wanted me to wish you well. Keep fighting the good fight!

Posted by: James Owens on Jun 13, 03 | 5:02 pm

We're thinking of you Gary. Also damn proud.

Rick McUmber and family

Posted by: rickm on Jun 13, 03 | 6:05 pm

Gary - I think and pray for you daily. I wish you well and hope your stomach settles soon. You keep fighting and I will keep praying. Helen

Posted by: Helen on Jun 13, 03 | 8:35 pm

I'm pulling for you Gary. --jk

Posted by: John Keimig on Jun 13, 03 | 9:15 pm

Gary, buddy, it has been a long time since we were storming 2Fort as soldiers in TFC <g>. I miss those days...I'll be praying for you man. Keep your chin up!

Posted by: Steve Sprague on Jun 14, 03 | 7:55 am

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