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The Party is Cancelled.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we have to cancel the pre-BMT blow-out on Saturday because it appears that Gary's leukemia has relapsed. We went to the emergency room last week when Gary was having intense back pain (see the "Shingles" entry) and throughout this week, Gary has continued to battle with pain and fever. We were back in the emergency room yesterday morning due to the continued back pain. They took a chest x-ray and an MRI (2 hours on the table!) which both came back normal. After Gary's blood counts took a dive last night and this morning, Dr. Cohen drew a bone marrow biospy this afternoon (read: ass-tap). Cohen spoke with Dr. Jones (transplant doc at Hopkins) and it sounds to both of them that the leukemia has relapsed (not the Shingles after all - hah!). We will get the results of the marrow biopsy tomorrow morning.
Looking forward, Gary will have an intense round of chemo at GBMC to get him back into remission, and then roll right into the transplant at Hopkins. It can sometimes be difficult to get patients back into remission once they have relapsed, but Gary and I choose to ignore this piece of data and we are both assuming that all will go well and smoothly and he will be back in remission in a few weeks. Then back to the task at hand-- transplant.
We were overwhelmed at the number of folks that were going to be able to come to the party and wish Gary well on his road to transplant, and it's a bummer (to say the least) that we won't be able to see everyone on Saturday. It would have rained anyway.
Gary is in good spirits and is looking forward to chemo for no other reason then it will relieve his bone pain. His attitude reminds me of the scene in Monty Python's "The Life of David" when they are hanging from crosses singing and whistling "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."
Pass the word about the cancellation to anyone you know that was going to attend the party in case they are not reading the journal at the moment.
Stay tuned for more adventures!
Marcy and Gary


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