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A Party, for Me???

Yes folks. All Gary and Marcy need is a reason to throw a party.

When: June 14th, 2003, 1:00 PM
Where: Marcy's Parent's House
Why: Gary's Pre Transplant blow out
RSVP To: 410-780-9286 (mandatory)

If things pan out, we should have pitbeef, beer and a band. Yes you read correctly, Beer.

Here is the address:
10909 Old Landing Road
Kingsville, MD 21087

Here is a Mapquest link

You must RSVP. Repeat, you must RSVP. Everyone asks what they can do for me to help, RSVP so we can order the right amount of food and drink. Did I mention to RSVP to 410-780-9286? Leave a message.

Hope to see all there.


Posted by: Gary on Jun 05, 03 | 8:02 pm | Profile


what is this RSVP thing you keep going on about... some of your new, high falutin', medical mumbo jumbo? Speaky the English! And I hear you on the "my physician is frighteningly inept" tip. Always take whatever your doctor tells you, and then call someone with a PhD in that field to get their take. Then go see someone else just for variety. I'm up to my butt in doctorates in this office and I'm the only one who can get the fax machine programmed. If I knew the advanced degrees were open to such low achievers, me and the lucky funnel would still be in school.

Posted by: colossus on Jun 06, 03 | 9:39 am

Hey Gary,
Doug and I are looking forward to your party! We think about you and the family often. I'm excited to meet Libby and talk to Patrick about Bob. He is big in our house too! Marcy, I can't wait to see you. I guess this Florida trip was a little different than our adventure many years ago. "At least I'm not wearing a fat Laura Ashley dress!" I am still crushed. I love you man!

Love, Catriona

Posted by: catriona on Jun 06, 03 | 7:39 pm

One little quibble: Where the hell is the "all of the above" option on the stupid-meter survey? Peter and I shall be at the Old Landing/New Marrow soiree. I'm coming as a platelet.

Posted by: Nan on Jun 09, 03 | 10:35 am

And, yes, I read the RSVP directions. I will call 410.780.9286 and not -- I repeat, NOT -- use this weblog as my RSVP vehicle. By the way, I'm now coming as a femur.

Posted by: Nan on Jun 09, 03 | 10:43 am

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