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#$%@! What Next

After a 3:30 AM visit to the emergency room yesterday and a follow up with my oncologist, it appears I am getting Shingles on my left side of my back. Joy Joy. I am doped up on some meds, anti virals and some antibiotics for a fever that I have. We do have a new worse pain leader: 1st place, Shingles pain. 2nd place, Hip Pain from Leukemia.

Key to quick emergency room attention....puke and have difficulty breathing! We were in pretty fast. Surprisingly, the ER did not diagnose me. The cat scan and chest xray were negative. They were thinking a clot or something. After the night time ER doctor left, she was replaced by Dr. incompetance. We demanded to be discharged and went to Dr. Cohens office. He is 70% sure it is Shingles. I should start with the welts in 2 days or so. If they do not appear then back to the drawing board.

Shingles is the Chicken Pox virus that lies dormant in the nerve roots in the body. In immunocompomised people, it can begin expressing itself, traveling along the nerve (damaging it along the way--the pain) and surfacing as blisters and such. I had them a year and a half ago. They pretty much suck. According to Dr. Cohen, this should not affect the transplant because the active outbreak should be done in a week. I will just have the residual nerve damage pain and the blisters.

Whats next, locust...ohhh that is next year. Out.


Posted by: Gary on Jun 05, 03 | 6:57 am | Profile


The shingles sounds like something along the lines of "Here, let me smack your big toe with a hammer, so that you won't feel your headache any more." But where did it get the name, Shingles? Is it something that haunts roofers? Does it make your body shed rainwater? Is it kind of a dance or something? Can you give them to your kids?

Posted by: Susan Stiles on Jun 11, 03 | 3:06 pm

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