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The votes are in!

Johns Hopkins, Game-On.

After certified by Acenture (I got a real good rate), the voting results are in. Johns Hopkins was a runaway winner with the Guinness Marrow Transplant in 2nd place.

I placed the call this morning to Hopkins. In typical fashion, when I told my "Case Manager" (CM) that it was Go-Time, she asked, "Where are you going???". uhhhg. I have to believe the Drs. there can understand me; just a little.

Encouraging question from my CM. Would you prefer local or conscious sedation for your marrow biopsies. Duhhhh I don't need no stinking pain killers!

Thanks for all that voted.


Posted by: Gary on Jun 02, 03 | 6:02 pm | Profile


dude, did Gran just drop a Laetrile reference? Sweet. I still say finish your project of replacing your blood with gin. Or the yellow goo from Reanimator. Let's schedule a Matthew's vs. Pizza John's Steel Cage, All-Gimmick Battle Royal to fully prepare you. Sheik will come dressed as The Goon!

Posted by: colossus on Jun 03, 03 | 10:43 am

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