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The update: There is no update

Not too much new info to report, but I noticed that we have not added any new entries in over a week and a half. Hopefully no one started to panic out there!
Gary and I (sans kiddies) just returned form the Sunshine State (Florida) back to the Damp State (Maryland) We had a great time in Orlando -- went to the usual haunts, Disney and Universal Studios. Our friends Jim and Marcelle met us down there and were wonderful company! Sorry to report that the weather was hot and sunny and I am somewhat sunburnt. Very relaxing and fun and we feel recharged to get on with making the impossible decision about what kind of transplant is best for Gary and where to go to get it.
In true RDA/Project Manager fashion, Gary is in the depths of his analysis on this "project" and I'm sure he will uncover the information we need to make an educated decision. My role is just to keep the domestic ship afloat... a daunting task in and of itself.
We should be making a decision in the next week.
Meanwhile, we are off to the dealership tonight to purchase a Honda Oddessy. Yes.... a minivan. After packing the Jeep for a three day trip to O.C. and not having enough room for all the kid gear, we determined that we need to plunge all the way into this All-American- 2 kids - dog owning - family thing and get the minivan. BUT it will have the DVD system so the kids can watch BOB! (Libby dosen't get a vote yet) or we can hook the XBox up to it and the older crowd can pack in the van for a road trip. Or just drink beer and play in the driveway.
Anyone out there need a Jeep?
Bye for now--


Posted by: Marcy on May 28, 03 | 3:49 pm | Profile


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