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Life on a Wednesday night

Not much going on around here. Libby is asleep and Patrick is up on the couch with his father watching Bob the Builder. Bob is HUGE in our house right now. Patrick and I purchased Bob sheets at Target yesterday. Tonight is his first night sleeping in them. Can we fix it? Yes we can! (that should be our new mantra for the leukemia as well!)
Libby can sit up on her own now (mostly) and is reaching for everything -- which makes feeding time an adventure. However, her hair is laying down now which is a completely different look than the "sticky-up" hair she used to have and the back of her head is rounding out nicely... she's really pulling her look together these days. Gary's head is also very round but very shiny. We are saving a fortune on shampoo.
We have a meeting on Thursday to talk with Rick Jones at Hopkins one more time. He is really set on the half-match transplant for Gary, but other transplant docs have made it clear that that is a procedure they would only do as a last ditch effort. We don't feel we're there yet, so we're off to see what Dr. Jones' deal is. Does he need a new guinney pig? Or is there magic up his sleeve....?
We have a follow up meeting with Dr. Cohen (Gary's main oncologist for those of you completely lost in this never ending saga) to see what the results were from Gary's bone marrow biopsy done on Monday. Good results are expected (i.e. Gary still in remission)
The German donor's blood is still in process at Hopkins and we are being told that the results should be in by the end of the week.
We are in the process of transferring the donor search to the Fred Hutchison in Seattle. Since Hopkins is only interested in a perfect match, they are limiting their search in the national database only to those who look like they will be a perfect match. Although this is what we would ideally like, we need to get Gary's search moved to an institution that will look for mis-matches as well. Word on the street is that "The Hutch" is really good about getting donor searches returned quickly. Don't ask, don't tell... it must be that tough Pacific Northwest Bone Marrow Mafia. (can't you picture them in their Birkenstocks, backpacks and cups of coffee?)

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Posted by: Marcy on May 14, 03 | 7:43 pm | Profile


Hey Marcy,

Keep up the good work! You guys seem to be pursuing everything and not just taking what one doctor says. Great! Educated consumers. Be well.


Posted by: Warner on May 15, 03 | 10:05 am

Hi Beautiful Lady,
Sounds like a great family night to me. Bob the Builder made his debut at our house around Easter. A present for Gareth, yet Bronwen has commandeered all his toys and insists on sleeping with Bob the Builder. She prefers him naked so he's down to just a toolbelt most nights. Hummm, what should concern me most... the fact she's a little Mussolina, or that at 2 yrs old she already likes naked men with "tools" in bed!
We're thinking of you guys alot and putting out our prayers and energy for a quick and thorough resolution to this! Let me know when we can do some babysitting for you. The swing set will be here in a few weeks! Love and kisses, Bob and Ali

Posted by: ali kay on May 16, 03 | 1:00 pm

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