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Back from the beach

Long time, no type. Well, we packed up the family and went down the ocean for a few days. The weather was apparently better down there then in Baltimore -- had a few sunny mornings on the beach and the kids played in their shorts and t-shirts. Our friend Karen and her son Kevin (Patrick's partner in crime) went with us. Libby wanted to bring some friends too, but she doesn't have any yet. Leading up to the trip, when you asked Patrick where we were going he would say "Going Down the Ocean!". Of course once we got to the beach, he still said we we're "Going down the ocean". I don't think he knows we had gotten there.
Good News: We talked to Hopkins on Friday and a blood sample from one the of latest German potential donors is actually at Hopkins and is being confirmatory typed to see if it is a match for Gary. We should know results by mid-week. Keep you fingers crossed. No word back yet on the other donor in the hopper.
Gary goes for a bone marrow biospy (read: ass-tap) on Monday to get what I'm calling a "State of the Union." We met with a physician at the University of Maryland on Tuesday to get a consultation on Gary's options for transplant. Of course now we have his very different opinion to throw into the mix. What was encouraging from the visit is that U of M will do an Autologous transplant if appropriate. This would mean taking out some of Gary's own marrow, putting Gary through chemotherapy and Total Body Irradiation (TBI) and then reintroducing the marrow back in. Hoping that the marrow that was first collected was during a time when Gary's marrow was in remission and is relatively free from leukemic cells (the bone marrow biopsy will give us a good indictation of this). The positive thing about this procedure is that Gary's will not face Graft vs. Host Disease, but he may relapse some where down the line from lingering leukemic cells.
What everyone seems to be telling us in their own way is that a donor is the best odds situation for a cure. We just can't too long for an unrelated donor to appear or Gary will relapse. So think happy German thoughts!


Posted by: Marcy on May 10, 03 | 11:03 am | Profile


Here is my first crack at submitting an entry. (Is spell check available?) I am on the program... I will have some crout and wurst for lunch today. Megan

Posted by: megan on May 14, 03 | 5:42 am

Don't put any thoughts into Libby's head, No more kids allowed until there are more adults to help. Poor Marcy had to deal with both boys most of the time. Where was John when you needed him, damn that work thing!

Posted by: K. Zarubaiko on May 14, 03 | 9:49 am

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