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Daily Update

Still sick. Getting some blue chemo now. Should be released Friday. Need to come back in Saturday for a shot to jump start the white cells.

Got a call from Hopkins which we are making some sense from. There are 4 possible matches. Confirmatory typing needs to be done which could take a month or two. Given the lower number of possible matches, it does not look too good. Typically, if I had common antigens, there could be 50 or greater possible matches. But I am still optimistic. Dr. Jones is looking into the Parent donation since that drug I need for the purging of my own marrow is typed up in FDA hell.

I am pretty doped up on anti emetics so I will have some follow conversations with Dr. Jones and Dr. Cohen to make sure I am tracking.

Talk to you soon.


Posted by: Gary on Mar 20, 03 | 7:00 pm | Profile


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