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There's No Place Like Home

Gary is home and feeling pretty good (Nausea quotient 2 out of 10) We even ventured out for Chinese food -- the kids are at "Gran Camp". Gary is thankful to be sleeping in his own bed without any strange hospital smells or odd beeping noises.
On the drive home we started planning a getaway trip "down the oshun, hon" and the deed has been done. We leave next Tuesday the 6th and come back Staurday the 10th. We're staying at the Holiday Inn on 17th and the boardwalk for any of you out there who want to join us. The pub crawl will be limited, however, as the kids aren't big drinkers. (Or us anymore for that manner) The weather will be hovering around the 70s, so if anyone is tempted to come, let us know.

Today's New Hope: Toes in the sand next Tuesday and Thrasher's fries next Tuesday night.


Posted by: Gary on May 02, 03 | 8:39 pm | Profile


Glad you guys are able to get away. Give me a call when you're back in town. Would like to get together.

Posted by: Nan on May 06, 03 | 9:12 am

Hey Gary,

Do you have a designated Donor # w/Red Cross so that all donations to that # get credited to you? I've been a regular for years and this time I even got Berry's blood!
Hang in there kids, we're all hopeing and praying for you. Didi

Posted by: Didi on May 09, 03 | 8:00 pm

Well even though there was no Thrashers Kevin and I had a great time down the ocean with you guys. We will have to go back when there will be time for Thrashers.

Posted by: K. Zarubaiko on May 14, 03 | 9:48 am

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