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Still feeling sick...

Gary is still at GBMC trying to kick the nausea. It seems as if the problem is the Methotrexate chemo they gave him last week is still lingering in his blood stream and this is what is making him sick. Usually the methotraxate is flushed out after 48 hours but Gary has had an unusual reaction to the drug and he can't seem to let it go! The only way to get the drug out is via fluids, so he is getting nonstop IV fluids until he can keep some fluids down by mouth. The good news is that he had some Cup o' Noodles and some orange Gatorade this afternoon and as of this writing I believe it is still with him. (But what a spectacular sight if it comes back up!) Keep your fingers crossed that we are at the end of the nausea and Gary can come home tomorrow. He's been feeling like crap for over a week now and is missing out on all this fabulous weather.
The update on the potential donors: Last week we recieved a call from the case manager at Hopkins to tell us that all four of Gary's potential donors were "unavailable". This was a crushing blow to us and very frustrating to have waited over a month only to hear that these folks were, for reason undisclosed to anyone, unavailable to be tested at this time. HOWEVER, we received another call from the case manager later that day to tell us that two more donors had magically appeared in some German database. They are currently trying to contact these donors to see if they can come in for more testing. More waiting for us. More hope.
The plan to do a half-match transplant from Gary's father is still on the options board. They have had success with this kind of transplant at Hopkins and this may be our go-to option if we do not get results back from the donor testing in the next few weeks. We are treading a fine line as to when Gary might relaspe again -- we can't wait too long, but we really want to wait to have all our options on the table. Very tricky. If Gary relapses, they will have to get him back into remission before transplant and this can be somewhat difficult -- best to make our move before he relapses.

My newly formed philosophy is that each new day brings us new hope -- sometimes you have to get creative and look hard for it, but it's there somewhere.
Today's New Hope: Cup o' Noodles and Gatorade. Goooooood.

Goodbye Friends!


Posted by: Gary on May 01, 03 | 5:37 pm | Profile


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