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Feelin' not-so-groovy

Gary finished a round of chemo last Friday but has been battling chronic nausea ever since. After spending today in the GBMC out-patient infusion center getting fluids and nausea medicine, Gary decided to just check into the hospital for (hopefully) the night, in search of some relief from what he calls "psychological warfare"
I'm home and have put my tired kids to bed -- they spent the day at Grammie's (Gary's Mom) digging in the dirt (Patrick) and spitting up on the unawares (Libby). They are doing very well and are prefectly content with the crazy schedule in our house. God Bless the little ones -- they are so easily adaptable to most situations and lots of people have been pitching in to help out with them.
Hopefully next time you hear from us Gary will be feeling much better and can do some of the typing himself.


Posted by: Marcy on Apr 28, 03 | 8:02 pm | Profile


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