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Chemo: Round Three

Well, we're back at GBMC for more maintenance chemo. Just a short two day stint -- Gary will be home sometime tomorrow. The drugs he is getting this time can have a very serious effect on his kidneys, so they are pumping lots of fluids through him. Crazy amounts of information coming at us, so we are trying to make some decisions about what kind of transplant will be best for Gary. Either wait for more unrelated donor typing to come back (which can take another month or two) or go ahead with the half-transplant now. We're polling the experts and aborbing as much info as we can. We have an appointment to met with U of Maryland's tranplant dude (I think that's the title he went to med school for) on Monday to throw another consultant at the problem.
We're all on the mend from the cold Gary infected us all with (not that I'm pointing fingers)


Posted by: Marcy on Apr 24, 03 | 3:45 pm | Profile


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